DART Predictions

12 Dart Matches predictions for 2022-08-04

Here you can find our probabilities for Dart matches played 2022-08-04 as a percentage, that were generated by our custom Machine Learning algorithm.

Home Win % show as 1
Away Win show % as 2

Event Time Home Away 1 2
Online Live League 08:30 Jarred Cole Mike Gillet 55 45
Online Live League 08:45 Kai Fan Leung Matt Jackson 61 39
Online Live League 09:05 Conan Whitehead Daniel Day 72 29
Online Live League 09:20 Mike Gillet Kai Fan Leung 57 43
Online Live League 09:40 Daniel Day Jarred Cole 27 73
Online Live League 09:55 Matt Jackson Conan Whitehead 49 51
Online Live League 10:15 Mike Gillet Daniel Day 77 23
Online Live League 10:30 Kai Fan Leung Conan Whitehead 56 44
Online Live League 10:50 Jarred Cole Matt Jackson 66 34
Online Live League 11:05 Daniel Day Kai Fan Leung 33 68
Online Live League 11:25 Matt Jackson Mike Gillet 43 57
Online Live League 11:40 Conan Whitehead Jarred Cole 46 55
Online Live League 12:00 Matt Jackson Daniel Day 67 33
Online Live League 12:15 Jarred Cole Kai Fan Leung 59 41
Online Live League 12:35 Mike Gillet Conan Whitehead 61 39

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